Farewell from Bernie

22 November 2018

Hello MADCA Volunteers,

My time has come to say goodbye. It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve you during the past 19 months in Milang. You have shown me patience, friendship and acceptance to my quirkiness in my individual South African way!

I will miss you, however I take with me an enormous love for the country side, the people and the laughter we shared. Keep doing great work with open hearts.

I’d like to leave you with my reading of the day which I hold dear to my heart…

Why do you suppose I told you
that it’s more blessed to give than to receive?
Wouldn’t you think it would be more blessed
to be on the receiving end?
Oh, but hear Me today.You are on the receiving end when you give!
I want you to grab hold of this principle right now
so you never forget.
When you give from the heart,
directed by Me for My purposes,
you are really receiving.
When you give sparingly, worried about your little self
and your little needs, that’s exactly what you get back.
When you give as I give-bountifully, joyfully, richly-
that’s exactly what you’ll receive in return,
and the bountiful blessing return is yours!
Perhaps the question is, where you should give.
There are always those with the palms of their hands
waving at you in the face-so I tell you, listen to your heart.
When you’re thrilled with the pleasure of giving
there’ll be no room for coercion, duty, obligation, or guilt.
Let’s give together.

-Marie Chapian l Prov 11:25

Kind regards,Bernie Schneck
Volunteer Coordinator
Milang Old School House Community Centre (MOSHCC)